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As full service facility, Forged Performance is your one stop shop for parts, service, dyno tuning, race car and track day preparation.  Our 12,000 sq/ft facility in the heart of Marietta, GA features seven lifts, an AWD Dyno Dynamics Dyno, parts sales, and custom machining and fabrication all performed onsite.


Performance PartsForged Performance is a full-service facility, with seven lifts and a fully-equipped, clean workshop for any needed services.  Our dealer certified and experienced technicians are here to professionally install  all of your parts and accessories.  Oftentimes, bolt-on parts, are anything BUT bolt-on.  Over the years, we have "seen it all", and are confident in installing, fabricating, and adapting the most complex parts for the best fitment possible. 

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Andy Morris's GT-RForged Performance's facility is equipped with a 1200whp capable Dyno Dynamics AWD load based dyno; one of the few in this part of the country.  Fully trained and certified in a dozen engine management systems, chances are we can tune it!

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Sharif WeldingForged Performance's in-house fabricators can handle your most demanding and intricate custom projects.  Whether it's fabricating a simple mounting bracket, custom intercooler piping, exhaust, or suspension components, we have the experience and skills necessary to quickly complete the job.

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Sharif in the Forged 350ZMuch of our success has come from track testing and racing many of the products we sell, and pressure checking our tuning and building strategies in the most competitive environments.  If you are looking for a dual purpose track car, or a dedicated Time Attack car, Forged Performance can manage it's creation from start to finish.

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General MaintenanceForged Performance offers full manufacturer approved maintenance services and general repairs.  From oil and filter changes to a complete 60K service, our technicians perform all dealer recommended maintenance routines in our clean, state of the art facility. 

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Sharif in the Forged 350ZMotorsports and track day/HPDE's have never been more accessible, but attending an open lapping session or a structured HPDE can be a little bit daunting.  If you are ready to experience the benefits of dedicated one-on-one instruction, a private instruction session just might be the ticket to faster lap times.

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