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Earlier this year, Scott sent us his GT-R for a full track makeover including JRZ coilovers, upgraded wheels, tires, sway bars, control arms and some bolt on power adders. After doing a number of track days and enjoying the car for almost a year, it was time to bring the car back to Forged for a few more upgrades.

Coinciding perfectly with our final track day this year at Road Atlanta, Scott will be joining about 10 of customers for a weekend of track fun to test out the new upgrades.

 photo DSC_6851.jpg

For this round, we installed a set of Cobra Misano Lux seats in black leather and suede. This seat features a super lightweight design, using a carbon fiber back and very aggressive shoulder and thigh bolstering. The seat also sits very low in the cabin which in addition to the extra safety that provides, it also gives the driver some extra clearance for his helmet. I can’t say enough good things about this seat. By supporting the driver, a properly installed seat like this gives the driver much better feel and control of the car. We also installed the 6 point add on to complete his Schroth Harnesses.

 photo DSC_6880.jpg

And naturally, no track day GT-R would be complete without a pair of AutoTecknic Carbon Fiber extended shift paddles. Once you drive a GT-R with these extended paddles, you will wonder you survived without them. A must have for all GT-R owners.

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One of the most impressive features of Nissan’s R35 GT-R is it’s outstanding OEM braking system. With driver at the wheel, hauling it’s 4100lb mass down from 160mph is no easy task. Nissan engineers clearly took this into consideration when designing the OEM system with large Brembo 6 piston front calipers; 4 piston out back, and equally large rotors to absorb and release the enormous amount of energy created by this level of deceleration. When fitted with OEM run flat tires and pads the GT-R can be coaxed into 1.2g’s of deceleration or greater at full braking load. Naturally, one would assume that the Alcon Super Kit would be the last thing the GT-R would need. But given the amount of time I’ve spent behind the wheel of a GT-R on track, I can say this would be an incorrect assumption.

Even I was skeptical at first until Ryan Doi, fellow GT-R owner and head of the sales team at Forged, announced that his Alcon Super Kit had just arrived. The entire operation at Forged ground to a halt, as Ryan passed around this enormous CNC machined masterpiece of a caliper that simply dwarfed the OEM Nissan Brembo Caliper it soon would replace. We immediately set aside some time to fit the kit and see just how well the Alcon Super Kit would perform. As the largest Alcon GT-R distributor in the nation, Forged Performance has plenty of “foot” time with the Alcon Rotor Upgrade kits for the GT-R’s which have proven to be superior to the other offerings on the market. No whirring noises, better longevity, and less judder are some of the key benefits. I am still on my first set of rotors even after a dozen days on track!


Those that push the GT-R to the absolute limits on track, know that the GT-R OEM braking system even with upgraded pads and lines, is fabulous for a few laps but in short order braking consistency goes down while drama in the braking zones goes up. A superior braking system should shine in overall braking consistently, offer a linear and predictable braking feel, an elimination of pad knock-back, and a greater capacity to dissipate heat. In a nut shell, a racing driver wants their brakes to work predictably, and repeatedly lap after lap after lap. When I press harder on the brake pedal, I want the car to decelerate at a faster rate, and when I ease up on the pedal I want a clean release and reduction in deceleration. Unfortunately, this is where the GT-R brakes fall short and protest. Those of you that have seat time in a Porsche GT3/Cup know what predictable and repeatable braking feels like. Ultra linear, with no brake fade and a positive feel in the pedal.


The Alcon Caliper is CNC Machined from a single block of billet aluminum and developed using Finite Element Analysis and Alcon’s Optimized Structure Caliper Architecture resulting in a stiffer caliper design The 6 Piston caliper design front and rear use differential piston bores for optimum torque delivery and better pad wear. The massive 15.75” x 1.42” (400mm x 36mm) front rotors and 15.16” x 1.30” (385mm x 33mm.) rear rotors offer a significant increase in swept area along with greater mass, both of which contribute to increased thermal capacity and a higher level of available brake torque over the standard brakes.

So with high expectations in my head, Ryan was kind enough to let me do a half-dozen laps at Atlanta Motorsports Park in his daily driver GT-R while he attended the Nagtroc GT-R Beach Party event in Florida (life is tough working at Forged). Fitted with a fairly mild endurance compound Pagid Yellow pad I took to the track using the out-lap to bed the brakes in and get an overall feel for the brakes.

It took just a couple laps to easily rip off a pair of 1:28 laps around AMP’s highly technical circuit and the brakes were literally night and day better than the OEM caliper setup on my daily nearly identical GT-R. Superior pedal feel, immediate and consistent braking action and most important to me was the complete elimination of pad knock back that many of you are familiar with. I could easily modulate the brakes while staying out of ABS and the brake torque was tremendous delivering 1.6 g’s of braking force. Ryan flew in the following day and flogged his car on Sunday and was breaking deeper and harder with each successive lap. I for one, am sold, and will be installing an Alcon Super Kit on my GT-R just a soon as I get my hands on one. And with plans to test out several custom pad compounds, we are looking forward to taking this system ever further.

And Ryan was pretty happy with his decision and his smile cannot be masked by his helmet.




Andretti is a fully enclosed interactive racing and entertainment venue that the Forged Performance crew has been actively going to weekly for years! If you’ve been to Andretti Indoor Karting & Games, you know how addicting and competitive the karting course can be.


These are Andretti’s famous Superkarts:

This year, Forged Performance & Andretti’s are sponsoring ProKup Karting’s “Ultimate Racing Summer Kamp”. The camp teaches kids ages 8-14 Kart & Track safety, engine maintenance, and proper steering & braking techniques and is also a great way to prepare kids for entering a league season or to simply introduce them to the sport of racing!

Helmets are always a must when racing!

Andretti requested we place our fully race-prepped Porsche GT3 in the lobby of their karting area to give the kids some motivation while on the track!


What would a day at Andretti be without some indoor racing??

Alex from Forged Performance flying around the corner!

These karts are no joke! They reach speeds up to 35mph indoors!!


A big “Thanks!” goes out to Andretti & ProCup Karting for allowing us to sponsor their program! For more info on ProCup Karting’s Ultimate Race Kamp sponsored by Forged Performance & Andretti Indoor Karting, click here

Forged Performance and NAGTROC (North American GT-R Owners Club) sponsored track event held at Virgina International Raceway went down in history as one of the most successful GT-R events in the country. This event has doubled in size in the past four years and attracts GT-R owners from hundreds of miles away. Of course the Forged Performance Media Team captured a ton of great photography and video of the entire event to share with the world! We hope you enjoy our video coverage of this epic event.

And don’t forget to join the Forged Performance Team at our FIRST High Performance Driving Event at the brand new Atlanta Motorsports Park on July 28-29, 2013. And it’s just a short 1hr drive from Forged Headquarters!

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For photo coverage of this event please visit our blog: HERE

Forged Performance: NAGTROC VIR 2012 Track Event from Forged Performance on Vimeo.

Forged Performance is pleased to announce we have signed with Atlanta Motorsports Park to offer our first private track day at the newly completed Atlanta Motorsports Park. AMP is the newest track to open their gates in the South East and many of you have undoubtedly heard of this fantastic facility. Although Forged Performance is a Founding Member of AMP, track rentals to the public are extremely limited and currently booked out for the remainder of 2012. The circuit is located in Dawsonville, Georgia just 1 hr north of metro Atlanta and offers the most extreme and radical changes in elevation most drivers will ever experience. Those that have driven the track will agree it is a real challenge to master and an enormous amount of fun.


Event Details:

• Sat/Sun 2-Day Event: July 28th-29th, 2012

• All Skill Levels Welcome: 3 Run Groups based on experience

• All Makes and Models welcome (98dB Sound Limit Strictly Enforced)

• Up to 3 hours of track time EACH DAY

• Professional Instructors for all Novice Drivers

• Classroom Instruction by Scott Siegel of Siegel Racing

• Traqmate Data Analysis Private Training available

• Suspension Setup tips by Forged Performance Senior Technicians

• Catered Lunch both days included for Registered Drivers

• Guests Welcome for Ride-Alongs or spectating at no charge

• $495 for both Sat/Sunday


Enrollment will be limited to only 60 drivers, and we are expecting the event to quickly sell out. Please sign up on our website, and as always, your Credit Card will not be charged until 2 weeks before the event. Once your entry is received there will be no refunds and the event will run rain or shine!

**PLEASE REGISTER HERE and note your run group: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced in the notes section of the order.