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The Forged Performance team celebrated the end of our official track day season with what is always the biggest track day of the year: Thanksgiving weekend with the Chin Motorsports at Road Atlanta. We played host to 14 GT-R’s and had a really great turnout of customers, friends, and family. As many of you know, Forged Performance a veritable fixture at Road Atlanta and we spend more days on this track than any other circuit in the country. It’s our home away from home and always delivers an exciting weekend for those that attend.

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What is most rewarding as a company, is to see a dozen Forged prepared GT-R’s making hundreds of flawless laps without any issues whatsoever. The care and dedication that our technicians have for these cars is second to none, and we never forget that our customer’s lives are in our hands when these machines are pushed on a racing circuit. With speeds exceeding 160 mph, we take no chances when it comes to maintenance and safety and our drivers are rewarded with hours of safe and fast laps.

On Sunday afternoon, a surprise visitor showed up in the Forged paddock: Mike Skeen! Mike is a Forged’s professional test driver and coach and also races professionally in some of the top series in the nation. He couldn’t resist hoping in a couple of GT-R’s and making a few laps with some lucky customers. If you ever get the chance to ride with Mike Skeen…do it. It’s an eye opener for sure! In the photo below, Mike is murdering the OEM brake rotors on Jack Wong’s Alpha 9 GT-R:

 photo DSC_8505.jpg

As we wrap up 2014 we feel blessed and fortunate that continue to do the things we enjoy most and share these successes and learnings with our customers. We look forward to 2015.

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Check out the entire photo collection from this event on Facebook:

Earlier this year, Scott sent us his GT-R for a full track makeover including JRZ coilovers, upgraded wheels, tires, sway bars, control arms and some bolt on power adders. After doing a number of track days and enjoying the car for almost a year, it was time to bring the car back to Forged for a few more upgrades.

Coinciding perfectly with our final track day this year at Road Atlanta, Scott will be joining about 10 of customers for a weekend of track fun to test out the new upgrades.

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For this round, we installed a set of Cobra Misano Lux seats in black leather and suede. This seat features a super lightweight design, using a carbon fiber back and very aggressive shoulder and thigh bolstering. The seat also sits very low in the cabin which in addition to the extra safety that provides, it also gives the driver some extra clearance for his helmet. I can’t say enough good things about this seat. By supporting the driver, a properly installed seat like this gives the driver much better feel and control of the car. We also installed the 6 point add on to complete his Schroth Harnesses.

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And naturally, no track day GT-R would be complete without a pair of AutoTecknic Carbon Fiber extended shift paddles. Once you drive a GT-R with these extended paddles, you will wonder you survived without them. A must have for all GT-R owners.

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With warmer weather in full swing here in the Atlanta area, June’s C&O event is the unofficial start of the summer car season. Massive turnout as usually with over 1200 cars spilling out of the Dearfield parking lot. This is a great family friendly event and we encourage everyone to attend. Great cars, great people, and quite a few pets too. We hope you enjoy some of the moments we captured during the event.

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The rest of the photos are found below, and we hope to see you all again next month.


Andretti is a fully enclosed interactive racing and entertainment venue that the Forged Performance crew has been actively going to weekly for years! If you’ve been to Andretti Indoor Karting & Games, you know how addicting and competitive the karting course can be.


These are Andretti’s famous Superkarts:

This year, Forged Performance & Andretti’s are sponsoring ProKup Karting’s “Ultimate Racing Summer Kamp”. The camp teaches kids ages 8-14 Kart & Track safety, engine maintenance, and proper steering & braking techniques and is also a great way to prepare kids for entering a league season or to simply introduce them to the sport of racing!

Helmets are always a must when racing!

Andretti requested we place our fully race-prepped Porsche GT3 in the lobby of their karting area to give the kids some motivation while on the track!


What would a day at Andretti be without some indoor racing??

Alex from Forged Performance flying around the corner!

These karts are no joke! They reach speeds up to 35mph indoors!!


A big “Thanks!” goes out to Andretti & ProCup Karting for allowing us to sponsor their program! For more info on ProCup Karting’s Ultimate Race Kamp sponsored by Forged Performance & Andretti Indoor Karting, click here