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The Forged team had a unique opportunity to get private track time at Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP) in two ultra rare LFAs yesterday. Needless to say, as two of the founding members of AMP, Sharif and Roy are very familiar with the unique layout of this track. They tested the LFAs (#003 and #499) side by side and really put the vehicles through their paces on track. Returning to the garages with big grins on their faces, it was easy to see both Roy and Sharif were extremely pleased with their performance.

 photo DSC_5629.jpg

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The greatly anticipated season of Spring proved to be a real attendance booster for Caffeine and Octane last Sunday. The Forged crew headed out early in the dark with our caravan of GT-R’s and LFAs, putting on quite a show as we traveled down the highway. There were lines of cars two deep streaming into the event from all the entrances. Looking out across the venue was a sea of car enthusiasts and a vast array of vehicles. Crowds of fans filled all of the isles, and all available parking spots were occupied by some of the nicest cars Atlanta has to offer. The Forged area was definitely a hot spot at C&O, overflowing with spectators clamoring to get a glimpse of not one, but two LFAs we had on display. We hope you enjoy the images we captured! See you next month, Cinco de Mayo C&O!

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