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vp__21971Sharif and the rest of the Forged crew are heading to historic Road Atlanta to race in the NASA Regional Time Trials. The team’s goal is to challenge for the overall TTU class track record of 1:27. It’s very rare to see ANY cars at Road Atlanta dip into the low 30′s let alone the high 20 second range, so this promises to be a very exciting weekend for the entire team and all of our fans and customers. Look for our 48 foot rig in the main paddock area, just behind the hospitality chalet.

News: Forged Performance Time Attack Series

Time Attack:AKA Time Trial. A motorsport event intended to allow competitors to run the single fastest lap they are capable of. Typical Time Attack events have at least a few practice sessions and 5 lap competitive sessions. Those five laps consist of an out-lap to enable the competitor to cross the Start/Finish line at speed, followed by 3 flying timed laps, and then a cool down lap. This allows the driver to focus on doing whatever it takes to turn the single best lap time, without having to build a race car capable of running an endurance race, or worrying about tire or fuel usage.

Many of you have seen Forged Performance’s Time Attack cars competing at the national level over the past few years. So we’ve decided to make Time Attack more accessible at the local level and available at smaller regional tracks.

We are announcing the Forged Performance Time Attack Series starting with two events for 2010.

Round 1: May 15th -16th at Talledega Grand Prix
Round 2: Aug 28th -29th Roebling Road Raceway

Attendees will have the option of open track (no timing) either or both days, and transponders will be available for both open track and Time Attack sessions.

Pricing Structure:

Time Attack Weekend
$195 Saturday or Sunday alone
$255 Saturday and Sunday combined

AMB Transponder rental is required to record timed sessions, unless you have your own.

Transponder Rental Fee: $40


Unlimited: As long as it has 4 tires anything goes…period.

Track: 40+ treadwear tires and current registration, serious track day enthusiast on race rubber in a street car.

Street Mod: 140+ tread wear tires, current registration, interior required from the front seats forward, street tires

Sporty: 180+ treadwear tires, current registration, FULL Interior, no Forced-Induction CHANGES (no FI on non-FI cars, no turbo/blower upgrades on factory FI cars), light bolt-ons.

*At the discretion of Forged Performance certain “Super-Cars” will not be eligible for Sporty. This will apply to cars that have “Super-Car” levels of performance from the factory, such as modern Ferraris, Porsches, Lamborghinis, Z06 Vette’s, GT-R’s, etc.


Example of Tech Requirements

Vehicle Interior:

Interior Mirror
Seat Belts
Fire Extinguishers (optional)
Pedals in Good Condition
Brake Pedal Firm
Emergency Brake Operational

Suspension & Running Gear:

Steering Linkage
Suspension & Shocks
Wheel Bearings
Metal/Flexible Brake Lines
Brakes Recently Bled
Rims In Good Condition

Vehicle Exterior:

Brake Lights
No Fluid Leakage
No Cracked Glass
No Excessive Rust
Exterior Mirror
Windshield Wipers
Gas Cap Secure
Tire Pressure
Sufficient Brake Pads (3/16” min)

Engine & Trunk Compartments:

Battery Secure
Electrical Harness
Relays Secure
Fan Belt
Throttle Linkage
Oil & Gas Lines Secure
Brake Fluid Changed
Hood & Deck Lids Secure
Oil Leaks


Tires In Good Condition
Lug Nuts Properly Torqued (90LBS)
No Loose Objects In Car
Brake Lights Operable
Appropriate Clothing – Long Sleeve Shirt, Long Pants (both of a non-synthetic fiber; rubber soled shoes recommended)
Helmet Snell M/SA2000 (or later approved)
Car # attached to both doors/windows


Time to put down the keyboard and pick up the helmet. Registration is available″