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The Forged Performance Motorsports Team is pleased to report another podium finish at last weekends Redline Time Attack Event, at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California. Driver/GM Sharif Abdelbaset was able to close out the season in the Forged Performance GT-R with a 3rd place finish timed at 1:44.9, edging out Russ Warr in the LIC Motorsports Subaru who captured fourth place about 1 second behind. Competition out west was far greater than anything they had seen thus far , but were able to finish 2/10 seconds behind Mike Cronin Jr. in the Fontana Nissan GT-R. Once again the Forged Performance GT-R performed flawlessly and encountered no problems. What’s even more remarkable is this was Sharif’s first time laying eyes on Autoclub Speedway and the very intimidating Turn 1 and Turn 2 banked oval section where he saw speeds exceeding 170mph.

The car ran beautifully all weekend long with a Forged Spec Cobb AccessPORT calibration. The Willall transmission cooler and fluids, along with the JRZ triple coilovers allowed us to push harder than ever. The addition of the Aeromotions R2 Active rear wing helped shave nearly a second off Saturday’s practice times which were run without active aero. All of the fast track GT-Rs are running this type of wing, and it’s proven incredibly effective.

The team would like to thank our sponsors for 2009: JRZ Suspension, Toyo Tires, HKS,Willall Racing, Volk Racing, AP Racing, Cobb Tuning, CBRD, Aeromotions, and NAGTROC.ORG




Willall Racing is in the final stages of their testing of their new Titanium Catback Exhaust for the GT-R. This exhaust looks to be an incredible bargain as it will be priced at the very reasonable price of $2780 plus shipping! We expect these to be available in about 10 days.


Crafted from Titanium and carefully welded for the perfect finish our WR35EX Titanium Cat Back exhaust system (pictured here with WR35MP midpipe assembly) is a superb lightweight racing piece for your GTR. Saving some 20kg or 40lb from the weight of your GTR there is power to be had not only through the superb big bore 90mm pipe design but also the low restriction muffler assemblies and stunning looking burnt finish Titanium exhaust tips. Power gains depend on tune and other exhaust configuration but expect over 20hp with the engine management calibrated to match, but most of all the deep and supercar tone exhaust note will bring your GTR to life.


In addition to the release of their new Titanium Cat Back Exhausst system, Willall Racing has released a new Titanium Midpipe to be paired with their exhaust. This Midpipe appears to also be an incredible bargain and will be sold for $900 plus shipping.


WR35MP Willall Racing Mid-Pipes replace the stock heavy centre resonator and pipe section on the R35 GTR which make it sound muted and quiet, most unlike a performance car. Crafted from Super Light and tough Titanium our Mid-Pipes have the utmost craftsmanship and engineering put into their production. Each WR35MP is tested for fitment on a GTR before shipping so you can have a perfectly aligned production piece anywhere in the world.

Long section flex pipes are used to ensure the interface between the engine and exhaust is not stressed or broken even in severe motorsport applications. Pipe sizes are generous with 78mm at the front and 90mm discharge to ensure optimum gas glow. Gains are significant over stock, with the actual horsepower number dependant on the tune in place. An important bonus is the weight saving from installing WR35MP. Not only is there less exhaust back pressure for more flow and performance, but there is also a 75% (24lb or 13kg approx.) reduction in overall weight.

We are now taking orders for both the Titanium Cat Back Exhaust and the new Ti Midpipe. Please PM or call me for any questions regarding these products!

$900 + shipping

Forged Performance will be hosting their first Subaru/Mitsubishi dyno day and open house on Sat, Nov 7th from 9:00am until 5pm. With addition of Scott, Shawn, Jason, and Decker we have aggressively expanded our technical capability with these popular and very fun platforms. Our own shop Evo and other race cars will be on hand as well. Come by and enjoy $40 dyno runs all day, on our Dyno Dynamics AWD Dyno, free food and beverages, and some great southern hospitality. Click here for more info, and sign ups!